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Like Sardines, we're not everyone's taste! 


If, like 70% of Millenials, you base your hotel bookings on how "Instagrammable" (...is that even a word??) a hotel is, we're sorry to let you know that our hotel isn't very "insta-friendly".  Living your life in a comparison-trap with lots of #FOMO and the burning need for likes, shares and double taps? We're probably not the hotel for you. Sorry! But call us anyway and we can recommend some #onfleek places.


Our building is old. Like 160 years old. It was one of the first hotels in the area, and was closed in the late 1990's.  Its had many bad facelifts. The roof leaks in places. And the floors creak. She's the Joan Rivers of old hotels. But we love her, and we've given her a fresh new look when we took over on 1 March 2019. Our decor is very eclectic, maybe classic, some say elegant, but definitely not traditional Karoo-Baroque that is so prevalent in our corner of the semi-desert.


Our dorp is tiny. Really small. But it is better than Colesburg.  And way better than Hanover. At least we have a massive modern art gallery that will shock and inspire you, and one of only two Saddle Horse Museums in the world,  LOTS of bookshops and a few interesting places to eat.  So, dear reader, if you're a "culture vulture" and you don't have to experience your life through a cell phone camera, you would enjoy our village.  Please just be aware that there are lots of old people crossing roads. And they don't move really quickly.

Meet our team...


Weighing in at a hefty 1.2kgs, our CEO (Canine Executive Officer), Sir Knuckles of Richmond, does what every good General Manager of a hotel should do - hanging around in reception, greeting guests and inspecting the property.  He will possibly also be the first to run out the door to greet your car as you drive in.


He can be very persuasive, convincing you that he has not been fed in weeks. Please don't feed him. He's lying. 

Hotel accommodation in Richmond Northern Cape at The Richmond Karoo Small Hotel





Not your average small-dorp hotel

A halfway stop hotel doing honest hospitality... 


We're a new business - a little fish in a pond of bigger, hungry fish. To stand out amongst the 300-odd other guesthouses halfway between Joburg and Cape Town, we've got to be very unique. That's why we are going to be totally honest about what you can expect from us.  We won't try and entice you with fancy staged pictures, or epic descriptions that won't match what you see when you arrive.


With us, what you see is what you get...